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Common Q & A

  • Does the Watch Need Sim Card to work?
    All Mewatch Models requers Nano sim card 4G in order to work. must have internet connection and phone calls
  • Does the watch Water resistant?
    Yes. you can wash your hand but it is not reccomanded to enter the pool with the watch.
  • Why MeWatch?
    Reliability, quality and technology! We are the only children's watch today that supports 4th generation technology that enables powerful web browsing with the highest level of Android hardware base. The watch is based on an Android system that allows downloading apps like WhatsApp, which allows a parent to chat with their children in uninterrupted video calls and disconnections. You can increase the memory in the device by adding a memory card if necessary.
  • Can i download Apps?
    Yes. you can signin to Google Play store and download al kinds of Apps.
  • Can i make Video Calls?
    Yes. any supported app with video calls enables it,such as Whatsapp, Line and more.
  • Does the watch supports any other languages other than English?
    Yes. The watch is an android watch this is why it supports many kinds of languages. please contact customer support to get more information about your language.
  • which ages does the watch good for?
    Depends on the parent. Based on our experience, the watches are purchased for children aged 5 and up based on the model's age adjustment.
  • Can i Locate the watch online?
    Yes, as long as it has Battery and internet connection.
  • What is Class Mode?
    Class mode is a mode in which the parent sets hours for watch to be deactivated. For example: a parent who set a class mode for the clock 8:00 - 13:00 actually disables the the watch so the child and can do nothing but watching the time.
  • How long does the Battery Last?
    Depends on the model. it should last for 4-6 days. generally 4-5 talk houres.
  • Any WI-FI Connection?
  • Can i Hear music?
    Yes. you can download music to the smartwatch nor you can download any Music/Radio App such as Spotity, Live Radio and more.
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