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Why is everyone talking about this new smartwatch for kids? It provides reassurance- and is a success story!

The digital watch industry is in the midst of meteoric growth. We hear more and more about various types of watches that provide solutions in the health, sports and security worlds. Due to increasing competition in the industry, we need to redefine what our need for a watch is, and the features we need, so we can decide on the specific product we are looking for.


Today, an innovative startup company specialising in the production of digital watches for children and adults is taking steps towards the European market, in order to shakeup the industry, and provide a reliable and quality smartwatch solution.

MeWatch, in a joint venture with major names in the smartwatches field, came up with the ultimate solution and launched a product with more advanced features than its competitors, and at a price that suits every pocket.

MeWatch K9 Pro 2020 ✩✩✩✩✩

What makes MeWatch so popular?


The fact that the watch is based on Android and G4 network technology is the key to its success. Just like your regular mobile device - you can locate the watch to the nearest metre, talk with your child from any location, make voice calls and video calls without interruptions and disconnections, all due to the use of LBS technology based on the G4 network, and thanks to a super-powerful battery.



Locate a child's position to the nearest metre? Definitely!


The smartwatches world - behind the scenes.

The team behind MeWatch are world renowned experts in LBS Location Services, developing mobile systems for digital watches. The merger between the worlds of location services and mobile technology has enabled the production of this smartwatch. Its high-end quality can be discerned from the moment it is worn.


The model's casing is made in two types:

✩✩✩✩✩ Model: MeWatch K9 Basic:

Shockproof plastic casing, tempered gorilla touch screen glass.

✩✩✩✩✩ Models: MeWatch K9 Pro / K10 Pro:

Shockproof aluminium casing, tempered gorilla touch screen glass.


** The watch is designed to handle shock resistance from children's movements - a rare feature nowadays. The fact that the screen glass is tempered ensures that it will not break as a result of normal everyday movements.



What can this smartwatch do?


First of all, it is able to perform the same tasks that characterise watches and smartphones: answer calls, answer messages, count steps, and much more.

But what really makes the MeWatch so special is the fact that it can really save lives, thus instilling a sense of reassurance and security in parents. Your peace of mind is worth a lot!


How does the watch give me confidence?


Unlike any standard mobile device, the watch is controlled by an app installed on the parent's mobile phone.


As a parent you can control the watch and set important features:


1. Map Location - Using GPS-based LBS technology, you can view the location of the watch at any time - seeing its exact location to the nearest metre! A detailed explanation later in the article.


2. Take photos remotely - You can take pictures from the watch remotely, thus identifying details in the watch's environment, including those around it.


3. Remote listening - If there is a concern for the safety of the child for any reason, click the listening icon on the parent's app and the watch will answer automatically without the child or those around him/her being aware. If the parent's mobile call recording app is installed, the audio will automatically record.


4. Restricting contacts and calls - You can restrict who can make calls to the watch through a dedicated feature. This way the parent can be reassured that strangers, or unwanted callers, cannot dial or in anyway access the watch.


5. Video calls - Ordinary voice calls are not enough nowadays in order to ensure the safety of our children. Video calls convey feelings and facial expressions that cannot be communicated in a normal voice call. So, when we really want to know that our child is not in danger - we will use the video call option.


6. Class mode - You can set specific hours and days when the watch is disabled for use, thus making sure that the child is focused on the lesson and not distracted by playing with the watch.

Mobile and Map Mewatch.png

LBS is Location-Based Service technology.


A location-based service is actually a mobile application with IP capability, which requires knowing where the mobile device is located. When it comes to 4G, there is no doubt that this is very accurate technology, when compared to the old 2G standard which is fast disappearing. Nowadays, many countries in Europe and around the globe no longer support 2G, and therefore this redundant technology cannot be relied on.


LBS technology requires four basic components:


*   The service provider's software application

*   A mobile network for data transmission and service requests

*   A content provider that will issue the end-user with specific geographic information

*   A location component (GPS) and the end user's mobile, or in our case - the MeWatch.



Standard - By law, location-based services must be authorisation-based. This means that the end user has to join the service in order to use it. In most cases, this is done by installing an LBS application and approving a request from the service to allow an icon for the location of the device. Our watch is approved by the European CE standard mark.

What else can this smartwatch do?


Much more than you think! If you are surprised by all the features we have listed so far, please note - there is much more:


1. Have you heard of the Google App Store? Since the watch is Android based- all apps adapted to the watch are available for download in the store! (The service is also available to iPhone users!) Don't worry, if you are not interested in downloading apps, simply do not sign-in to the service.


2. Among the apps available for download on the watch: WhatsApp, Skype, Google Maps, Spotify, YouTube, and more.

The watch is water-resistant to IP67 standard, which allows for hand washing and showering.


3. Very powerful battery that provides 750-1080 mAh, depending on the type of watch.

4. Amazing quality HD touch screen

5. 0.5-1 GB memory for the Android operating system

6. 4-8 GB memory for storing apps

7. Pedometer for counting steps and monitoring health


What do people think of MeWatch?


Every parent who tried this watch was satisfied. What are you waiting for?



"I really thank you for everything! Not obvious! Everything includes your technical support and assistance - from purchase to operation. I highly recommend the product."

Emanuel Hoffman ✩✩✩✩✩



"I am so happy with this purchase. The so-called Value For Money is on a different scale! I have had it for several months and I use it all the time. My daughter is really happy and proud of her beautiful watch. She recharges it about every 5 days and the battery lasts a long time."

Emilia Westgate ✩ ✩✩✩✩



"It was a gift for two of my children. I was looking for a smartwatch, and there are all kinds of watches out there. This watch is very reliable and works really smoothly. I even had to use it when a mother from school picked up a child in coordination with my husband who was not available. He's been using the watch for three months and has not removed it!"

Joe Baker ✩✩✩✩✩

Mewatch Whatsapp call.png

What is the Mewatch Price?


The cost of the MeWatch ranges from €69.99 - €119.

How can the MeWatch be such great value for money? Are you familiar with the terms of the BTL or ATL marketing world? In the end everything is a function of marketing expenses and holding assets. MeWatch do not spend huge sums on marketing and does not own assets and employees on a large scale like the big companies. Because MeWatch does not advertise on television and it's only sold on the website through generic advertising and "word of mouth" - the operating costs are significantly lower. This way MeWatch can sell a quality product at a low price that suits every pocket!

K10 Pro mewatch models mobile.png
K9 Pro mewatch models mobile.png
K9 Basic mewatch models mobile.png

Where can it be purchased ?


Through its official website

You can order the watch online and the product will be shipped to your address.

During the launch period, the company is offering a significant number of additional benefits. You won't be disappointed.

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